All sales over $300.00, as well as all sales of silk product(s) and antiques, are final (as is), and so we do not accept return or trade-in. Refund within 30 days of purchase for other merchandise that are in the same condition as when delivered. 

Descriptions and understandings of item(s) sold are to the best of our knowledge, and we do not guarantee that other persons or institutions, including those with relevant expertise, will agree with our description(s) and understanding(s). Customers should have the relevant knowledge themselves, or seek the opinion of trusted experts.

本店對於所有高於三百美元出售的物品不接受退換。所有物品的說明均基於本店的經驗, 並不能保證其他機構或個人持有相同觀點。購買者購物前需自己有相關知識或請所信任的專家提供參考。