East Asian Painting Conservation

Using purely traditional manual techniques, we mount East Asian (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean) paintings as well as works of brush calligraphy, including ones that have decayed and are need of new frames. We use high quality rice paper and silk. 

In order to best preserve the condition of traditional East Asian artwork on paper/silk, it is necessary to avoid exposure to smoke (e.g., from cooking) and to extended sunlight. It is also important to maintain the proper temperature (lower than 68°F) and humidity (53–56%).

本店提供東亞傳統書畫裝裱、修復全部採用手工操作,選用高質量的宣紙、絹和綾。經過重新裝裱、修復後的破損、污垢、霉爛、褶皺的老書畫,恢復了原作的本來氣質,有益於文化和藝術傳承。收藏古代書畫,應當保存在無陽光、無油煙灰塵和適宜於書畫的恆定溫度和濕度的環境中。 (濕度:53–56% , 溫度:低於華氏 68 °F, 即摄氏 20°C)